We are happy to welcome you at second edition of WinterEnd Blues festival! Cozy Minsk city will meet you with its snowy streets, illuminated with soft languid street lights.

Master-classes of foreign teachers, winners and finalists of many of blues competitions. We saw those guys at work, they definitely have some blues to show us!

Two grand parties with live music! From classic blues to fusion - for sure, belorussian musicions will touch the soul of every dancer! And of course competitions! Great opportunity to check your skills.

Don't miss it! Lets warm up this winter under the great sound of the blues!


Agnieszka has found Blues to be a perfect form of dance expression for her as a dance that reflects her dancing story: it has African roots, some tango impact and a spell of jazz elegance. She started dancing at the age of 7 with ballroom, to then turn to African and modern jazz dances. She loves inspirations from all kinds of styles and Blues seems to cover that. Agnieszka has been teaching a variety of classes in Germany and Spain and now tries to build a Blues scene in Warsaw with her partner, Konrad Pruśniewski. As for her achievements she may be proud of 1st place in solo blues during Grenoble Fallin' Blues 2016 plus second place in JnJ, 2nd place on Drag the Blues 2015 crazy JnJ, 2nd place on Bluesila Dance Camp 2015.

“The beauty of Blues is in its indefiniteness…. There are no steps, choreographies… a magnet attraction of two poles resulting in a piece of intimate creation between prolific, open dancers, willing to experiment while discovering different layers of rhythm and music”.


Konrad as a curious person tried a variety of different activities. From primary school he had been learning Japanese martial arts which as a result led him from soft to a bit harder styles. When in 2013 by coincidence he discovered lindy hop, boxing gloves had been abandoned permanently. Since then dance turned his world up-side-down and revealed different ways of enjoying life. Hard work led him to fast progress and also several achievements in Lindy Hop and Blues contests. Only in Blues Konrad won 1st place in JnJ on Bluesila Blues Camp 2015, 1st place on Grenoble Fallin' Blues 2016 and 1st place in crazy JnJ on Drag the Blues 2015.

Creativity and curiosity directed him into Blues in which he found complementation of dancing and also deeper connection and feeling. Dancing with Agnieszka opened new tracks and started a new chapter in their lives. Creating and building new, not known and not scheduled or imposed form out of expression in each dance is the thing most valuable for Konrad. During mentioned process you never know what will be revealed. It just might be ordinary fun but also it could become a masterpiece understandable and visible only for two.


“When you get up and dance, you can’t just wait and see what kind of dance you will have. YOU have to decide what dance you will have”

Lisa Josefsson, dance teacher and performer, believes that dancing is that moment when there is nothing else in the world but your body, the rhythm and your dance partner

As a dancer, Lisa has studied different rhythm dances such as swing, blues, samba and traditional African dances for over 10 years. After three years of fulltime dancing in Mozambique with the dance company Hodi Maputo Afro Swing, she could truly feel the dancer within her and feels how her body is an instrument led by the power of the music.

These years were also a journey of discovering the African roots of vernacular jazz and blues. Since moving back to Sweden she is now regularly teaching and performing partnered and solo blues dance as well as African Roots. Today her dance style and teaching method is deeply inspired by the African heritage where the presence in our body and the connection to the rhythm is in focus. A good class for Lisa is when her students leave the class not being able to let go of the smile on their face.


Steve sampled dance styles from salsa to contact improvisation before finding lindy hop. He thought his love was found, but then blues came along, swept him off his feet, and he never looked back. He now teaches regularly in Stockholm and has found success in competitions at the biggest blues dance events in Europe.

Steve is passionate about the huge variety and complex history of blues music, ranging from slow and sensual to fast and sweaty. In solo dancing, he exudes musicality. In partner blues dancing, Steve values communication and play, between dancers as well as with the music! In teaching, he values classes structured around distinct themes combined with fun games and student engagement. And the accent is Australian, in case you were wondering!

My other big passion outside of work hours is the outdoors: hiking, ice skating, skiing, etc. Talk to me about it some time!


Rija discovered ballroom dancing when he was fifteen and hasn’t stopped dancing ever since. He took his first blues class in Grenoble (France) in 2011 and has travelled all over the world to get more experience.

All of his travels allowed him to take classes with the best dancers in the world, led him to become a better dancer and to improve as a teacher.His experience in ballroom naturally led him to dance drag blues. You will easily recognize him on the dance floor with his unique groove and musicality.

Rija will help you to improve your technique with his original moves and he will also challenge your creativity.

Rija is also a well known dancer in the French lindy hop scene and also a major actor of the lindy hop scene in Paris. Among that, Rija has won several strictly blues competition: Drag the blues 2014 and 2015, Fallin in Blues 2014, Hot Blues 2014...


Olga has loved dancing as long as she remembers. She tried herself in various styles of dancing such as hip-hop, pole dance, contemporary and lindy hop. But discovered partner dancing just couple of years ago and totally fell in love with blues dancing. She is travelling a lot all over Europe not only to improve her skills as a swing dancer but also to share her view of how to connect in blues dance such various things like softness and roughness, gracefulness and playfulness. The finalist and winner of many blues events such as Bluesila, Autumn Blues, Bluesberry and others.

“Blues is not just a dance, but first of all it’s a sincere conversation of two dancers. You cannot pretend here, you show the emotions you really feel and share with your partner.”



Approximate Time Schedule.

A-class on map.


Full pass

  • 10.11.2016 - 19.12.2016 80
  • 20.12.2016 - 22.02.2017 90
  • 23.02.2017 - 25.02.2017 100

Party pass

  • 10.11.2016 - 19.12.2016 25
  • 20.12.2016 - 22.02.2017 30
  • 23.02.2017 - 25.02.2017 35


February 23

  • Doodah King
  • 21:30 Opening, DJ

  • 22:30 Live music

  • 23:30 DJ
  • 00:00 Final
  • On map

February 24

  • Space
  • 22:00 Debut JnJ Prelims
  • 23:00 Live Music
    "Big Daddy Blues"
  • 01:00 Debut JnJ Final
  • 01:30 Open fusion room, DJs
  • 02:30 Showcases
  • 03:00 Live Music
    "Hot Engines Band"
  • 04:00 DJs
  • 05:00 Final
  • On map

February 25

  • Space
  • 22:00 Opening, Open JnJ Registration
  • 22:30 Open JnJ Prelims
  • 00:00 Showcases
  • 01:00 Open JnJ Final
  • 02:00 Live Music
    Opening fusion room
  • 03:00 Live Music
    "Hot Engines Band"
  • 04:00 DJs
  • 05:00 Final
  • On map

February 26

  • Doodah King
  • 20:00 Opening, DJ

  • 22:00 Live music

  • 23:30 DJ
  • 00:00 Final
  • On map
Doodah King


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